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Jennie is being attacked with offensive comments.

“At this point, it can be said with certainty that the dating rumors between V, a member of the top idol group BTS, and Jennie are true. At least the fans seem to believe that. Looking at the shared photos, they look just like a couple,” that is the content of an article from Star News.

On the night of May 17th, a video allegedly showing Jennie and V holding hands while on a date in France spread on social media. Subsequently, several pieces of evidence indicated that the individuals in the video were indeed V and Jennie. Prior to this, many shared photos of the two top stars had also circulated on social media, but their management company refused to comment, leading fans to believe they were photoshopped.

When the intimate video of V and Jennie was released on the evening of May 17th, the romantic relationship between the two top group members went beyond mere speculation. At this point, fans had different opinions. Some offered their blessings to the two artists, while others expressed anger and announced that they would stop being fans. More disturbingly, many viewers began attacking Jennie on her personal social media account.

Jennie is being targeted.
As soon as the intimate video of V and Jennie surfaced, numerous online accounts attacked the personal profile of the BlackPink member. Currently, Jennie’s posts are flooded with negative comments. Some accounts comment, “I hate you,” while others express their disgust through various icons.

Jennie is being attacked to the extent that fans are trying to leave encouraging comments to uplift their idol and drown out the negative content. The aforementioned attacking accounts are unidentified as to whether they are fans of V or not, but their profile pictures feature the male singer from the BTS group. Therefore, public opinion assumes that the individuals attacking Jennie are fans of V.

Upon seeing accounts believed to be from the same ARMY community (BTS fanbase) attacking Jennie, a fan commented, “I truly feel sorry for how the fandom is behaving. They are truly terrible. You have no right to decide who our idols will hang out with. They are adults now.”
What Jennie is currently experiencing is reminiscent of Taeyeon’s situation from many years ago when Dispatch released dating photos of the leader of SNSD with her junior labelmate Baekhyun (EXO). The confirmation of the dating news by SM Entertainment sparked a public outcry. At that time, Taeyeon faced attacks from a portion of aggressive Baekhyun fans. The majority of comments on the article about Taeyeon’s first appearance after publicly dating were critical.

The reaction from fans towards Baekhyun at that time was also not optimistic. According to Straits Times, fans were furious, and some even started an online petition demanding Baekhyun’s departure from the group. Many people shouted “traitor” during Baekhyun’s first filming after the dating news. Some merchandise related to Baekhyun was sold at lower prices as fans felt “betrayed” and “angry.”

Faced with such overwhelmingly negative fan reactions, Taeyeon had to apologize. According to The Korea Herald, Taeyeon wrote, “I know I have disappointed you all. You can be disappointed, angry, or even hate me. I accept that, and I want to apologize. I know you have been hurt because of your trust and support.”

At the time the news broke, Baekhyun was one of the hottest members in EXO, who were also a leading male K-pop group. The history of K-pop shows that dating male idols can be very risky for female singers. They are vulnerable to attacks from fans of male artists.



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