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Jennie of Blackpink Registers New Trademark: A Sign of Leaving YG Entertainment?

Recently, the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service revealed that Jennie from Blackpink has filed for the trademark “Jennie Ruby Jane” across multiple categories including restaurant services, cosmetics, clothing, and food products.

Jennie Ruby Jane, a stage name previously used by Jennie in her acting debut in the TV series “The Idol,” produced by The Weeknd and HBO, marks a significant move in her career.

Moreover, fans noticed on LinkedIn that Alison, Jennie’s personal manager, ended her contract with YG Entertainment in October 2023. This development has sparked speculation about Jennie’s future with the company.

After seven years with YG, these signs suggest Jennie might not renew her contract. Instead, she appears to be preparing for a new phase in her career under a different trademarked name.

Earlier in late September, Korean media buzzed with rumors that Jennie and Jisoo might start their own management company amidst tense contract negotiations between Blackpink and YG.

YG Entertainment recently stirred controversy by only featuring Rosé in their Christmas and New Year photo shoot, a stark contrast to previous years when all four Blackpink members participated. Some Korean media outlets speculate that Rosé is the only member to have re-signed with YG, smoothly continuing her individual activities.

However, some fans counter these rumors about Jennie leaving YG. They argue that it’s premature to draw conclusions now, especially considering Alison, Jennie’s manager, was a contract-based manager hired by YG during Blackpink’s busy international tour schedules.

These managers were tasked with supporting the male managers in handling individual activities of each member. But with the conclusion of the Born Pink world tour, their contracts ended.

It’s not just Jennie; fans also discovered that Lisa’s personal manager, Alice Kang, reportedly ceased working at YG from October 2023. Thus, the departure of these female managers does not necessarily correlate with Blackpink’s contract situation with the company.

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