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Ji Chang Wook Turns Out To Have A Bitter Past, His Father Died To Depression When He Was Young.

Actor Ji Chang Wook fascinated KDrama lovers with his handsome face.
Apart from being handsome, Ji Chang Wook’s charisma has always hypnotized the audience with the various characters he brings into the drama.
It is known that Ji Chang Wook’s name skyrocketed thanks to the drama The K2, in which he starred with Im Yoona.
The action drama managed to exude the charm of the 34-year-old actor ideally.
After that, his name became more and more famous when he starred in a rom-com drama with Nam Ji Hyun, Suspicious Partner.
In 2022, Ji Chang Wook finally makes a comeback through the drama The Sound of Magic who plays a mysterious magician.
The fantasy drama tells about the figure of Lee Eul, played by Ji Chang Wook, who lives alone in an unkempt garden.
Lee Eul then meets Yoon Ah Yi (Choi Sung Eun), becoming close.
They were so close; it was as if they had met before. The encounter changes the life of magician Lee Eul.
He feels heard, trusted, and freed from his heart problems.
When interviewed and asked for opinions about his new drama, Ji Chang Wook admitted that it was easy to dive into Lee Eul’s character.
“To people, Lee Eul looks like a strange person, but he also looks like an innocent child as well as a murderer,” said Ji Chang Wook.
Ji Chang Wook’s ease of understanding of Lee Eul’s heart did not escape his personal life, which was very sad.
It turns out that the Lovestruck In The City drama player grew up only being raised by his mother alone.
His father died when he was little, so his mother struggled amid economic difficulties to raise him.
“On the one hand I grew up normally and on the other hand I grew up with difficulty. Yes, I was raised by a single mother. My father died too soon. I feel a lot of loss over that incident,” said Ji Chang Wook.
His life experience is bitter, making Ji Chang Wook small to depression.
Luckily, he got unconditional love and support from his mother until he finally got through it well.
“I realized that at a young age reality was not easy. So I look back on my childhood, I think I was depressed several times. Luckily I was able to overcome it because of my mother’s love,” he explained.
Even though he grew up with his mother’s love, there were times when Ji Chang Wook felt stressed because he was tired of earning money.
Luckily he has acting talent that led him to become a famous actor in Korea and is now living well.



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