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Jin BTS Undergo military service, this is how Kim Nam Joon feels.

The term “electronic commerce” refers to the sale of electronic goods. During the conversation, he conveyed his thoughts about Jin BTS, who is presently serving in the military.
According to Soompi, Saturday (19/12/2022), RM also discussed the release of his debut solo album, Indigo.
“I’m more calm,” RM said.
Earlier this month on December 13, Jin BTS enrolled in the military and had to quit Bangtan Boys.
“Jin is a quiet person. I guess he had a lot on his mind, he said, ‘I’ll come back safely. “I’ll tell you about my experience,” RM said.
“A lot has transpired thus far, both as a group and as individuals, and it seems like a chapter has ended. It was a moment that had to happen, and since it was a moment we had been anticipating, it seemed like we were actually seeing a turning point in BTS’ life.”
Due to military duty, it is predicted that BTS will return around 2025. Regarding this, RM explained.
“There is nothing we can do physically since the military service time is 18 months. “However, many ARMYs in Korea and throughout the globe support our squad,” he stated.
On December 2, RM released his debut solo album Indigo, accompanied with the music video for the title single Wild Flower.
In addition to his biggest solo entry on the Billboard 200 to date, RM’s new solo album has hit numerous more Billboard charts.



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