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Jisoo (BlackPink) and Jung Hae In beamed at the premiere press conference of the movie Snowdrop

On the afternoon of December 16 (local time), Jisoo (group BLACKPINK) and actor Jung Hae In and director Jo Hyun Tak attended the press conference to premiere JTBC’s movie Snowdrop.
During the press conference to launch the film, Jisoo and Jung Hae In captured all the attention. Jisoo appeared with a beautiful appearance, while Jung Hae In wore a dashing and elegant suit.

In standard frames, the two give each other their eyes, affectionate gestures and compliment a beautiful couple, promising to collaborate in the movie.
When asked about the casting process, director Jo Hyun Tak said, “Jung Hae In is the actor he has been targeting since the beginning.

But when he received an offer to play the lead role for the movie Snowdrop, Jung Hae In was filming the Netflix movie DP – Hunting Deserters, so he considered a lot before accepting.

Regarding the choice of Jisoo (BlackPink), director Jo said, “At first, I didn’t think of giving the role of Youngro to a rookie actor. But as soon as I saw Jisoo at an event, I thought she was Youngro.”
Directed and written by the screenwriters of Sky Castle’s hit series, “Snowdrop” was set in Seoul in 1987.

The movie Snowdrop revolves around the love story between Im Su Ho (Jung Hae In), a student at a prestigious university, and Eun Young Ro (Jisoo BLACKPINK). Eun Young Ro, a women’s university student, hides and takes care of Su Ho despite facing danger under close supervision.

The male lead Im Su Ho has an irresistible charm but has a mysterious aura, while the female lead Eun Young Ro has a beautiful and pure appearance. Eun Young Ro is a first-year student majoring in English at Hosu Women’s University; she meets him at a gala dinner and falls in love with this attractive man.

The film starring Yoon Se Ah, Kim Hye Yoon, Yoo In Na, Heo Joon Ho, Park Sung Woong, and many other actors, Snowdrop, will be premiered on December 18.

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