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Jisoo (Blackpink) and Kpop beauties have a golden ratio face.

1. Irene (Red Velvet).
Irene is the first name to appear in the list of Kpop beauties with a face with the golden ratio. The leader of Red Velvet is fondly called “goddess” by fans because of her ethereal beauty.
Irene’s perfectly aligned facial structure makes the female singer always appear in surveys of Korea’s top estheticians.
2.Yoona (SNSD).
Dubbed the “visual queen” of Kpop, Yoona possesses a perfectly symmetrical face structure and thin, gentle lines and is suitable for Asian aesthetics.
For many years, the female idol has always led the charts and captured the attention and hearts of fans.
Bae Suzy is one of the most loved visuals by the Korean public. Since her debut with the group, she has made a great impression and stands out from the other members. “National first love” has elegant beauty, a luxurious face and perfect symmetry.
4.Tzuyu (Twice).
Twice’s the youngest sister is one of the most attractive female Kpop idols ever. Tzuyu has a face with a golden ratio and a beautiful body like a “mannequin” that many people desire. The female singer was once voted the most beautiful face globally in 2019 by TC Candler.
5.Krystal (F(x).
No one can deny Krystal’s beautiful face and popularity. Member F(x) many times ranked first in surveys about the ideal type of young people.
Krystal has a flat face, a “chic” aura and a calm aura. The female idol is also named the top Kpop beauty with a golden ratio face.
6.Jisoo (Blackpink).
Beauty experts highly appreciate Jisoo because of her delicate face and gentle beauty. The beauty born in 1995 has a high nose and heart-shaped lips, all symmetrical and meets the golden ratio standard.



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