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Jisoo BLACKPINK revealed that her parents had a unique upbringing, she was treated differently than the rest of the family.

Koreaboo’s page reported that Jisoo (BLACKPINK) revealed that she is loved by her parents, who always consider her the family’s lovely make. Thanks to their care and support, BLACKPINK’s eldest sister has become a beautiful and kind girl who inspires millions of people every day.
In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Jisoo revealed that she was raised by her parents differently when she was young. Specifically, on the days when Jisoo doesn’t want to go to school, her parents will allow her to take a break.
The BLACKPINK singer recalls when she didn’t want to go to school in the morning; instead of forcing her to go, her father encouraged her to stay home and rest.
“Back then, I didn’t know what I was thinking, but on some days, if I didn’t want to go to school, my parents wouldn’t force me. One morning, I woke up with a grimace because I didn’t want to go to school. My dad said, ‘What’s wrong? Why is your face so long’ I said, ‘I’m so tired, I just want to sleep.’ Then my dad replied, ‘Okay, then don’t go to school,'” Jisoo said…
Jisoo’s teachers are unhappy because she misses school a lot, but she will never blame her parents. The singer, born in 1995, said that she is aware that her parents are more tolerant of her because she is the youngest child in the family. On Jisoo, there are also brothers and sisters. The parenting style of Jisoo’s parents is incredibly unique when most Asian families are strict when it comes to education.
“The next day, my teacher asked, ‘What are you going to do with your life?’ It’s not that my parents neglected me. I think they especially loved me because I was the youngest. They let me know. I’m free to do what I want,” Jisoo confided.
However, the particular education method of Jisoo’s parents also causes difficulties for her. She was not used to strict rules, so she worked hard to adapt when she joined YG Entertainment.
Jisoo said, “So it was difficult going to YG, where there were so many rules. I grew up with a sense of patience and endurance.” After all, the kindness of her parents is what helped shape Jisoo into the cheerful girl she is today.



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