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Jisoo Blackpink reveals a solo product and the help of Lisa, Jennie, and Rosé.

Before making her solo debut, Blackpink’s Jisoo had a good time interacting with fans on Weverse. Here, the female idol gave hints about her upcoming album.
Specifically, Jisoo started the conversation by saying, “Thank you for continuing to wait so long. We finally have time to see each other, and this is real. I was a little scared and nervous during the preparation, but thanks to all of you, I could experience everything.”
Jisoo Blackpink mentioned that she was just as excited as the fans, and Lisa, Jennie, and Rosé supported her a lot while making the album.
In it, the fact that BLINKs (fans) can see 3 Blackpink members sharing news about Jisoo Blackpink’s solo album via Instagram shows how much love the 4 of them have for each other.
Jisoo Blackpink continued to mention that the crew thought a lot about the two versions of the album before choosing red and black as the colors of the versions, and the crew chose purple.
Then, Jisoo Blackpink mentioned the fan sign event that she would be present at after releasing her solo album. The female idol joked that she was worried and would feel lonely without her bandmates that day, so BLINKs should help fill that void.
Finally, the female idol shared her current situation and how she exercised and took vitamins.



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