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Jisoo BLACKPINK Shares Messages from Jennie, Rose, and Lisa for Her Solo Debut.

BLACKPINK member Jisoo expressed her gratitude for the support messages from her fellow members during her solo debut live broadcast. On March 31st, Jisoo held a countdown event for her first single album ME through BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel. Today, Jisoo greeted everyone, admitting to feeling awkward and embarrassed to do the live broadcast alone. “It feels awkward and embarrassing to do this alone because I’m always with the members,” Jisoo said.
According to kbizoom, Jisoo played support messages from BLACKPINK members directed towards her solo debut. First, Jennie congratulated Jisoo on her solo debut, saying that she was proud of Jisoo’s outstanding solo debut. “I’m proud of our oldest sister, Jisoo, for her amazing solo debut. I’m even prouder because it took a long time. You’ve worked hard alone amidst your busy schedule. It seems like we’re always busy, but good things will come too. You’ve been through a lot,” Jennie wrote.
Lisa continued by congratulating Jisoo on her liberation day. “Finally, congratulations on your liberation day. We’re always together, so it must be lonely without us during your solo activities, but you’re always good when you’re alone, so don’t worry. I will do my best to support you from the side. I know it’s difficult to prepare for a solo album during a tour, but I hope you stay strong until the end,” said Lisa.
Lastly, Rose said that everything was very cool and expressed her heart beating along with Jisoo’s music. “Didn’t I tell you when monitoring the music video shoot location that it was very cool? Seeing you from the side, my heart beats about music again, and I’m very happy. You’ve worked so hard to prepare for this. Let’s make ‘ME’ a big success,” said Rose.
Meanwhile, Jisoo’s first solo album, ME, showcases her strong ambition and confidence. The album has a double meaning as it represents Jisoo’s unique color, which will be reborn as a solo artist (ME), and her inherent beauty. Both the music and visual elements serve to maximize Jisoo’s charm.
At the same time, Jisoo’s identity as a solo artist will be revealed through the main track, Flower. Unique bass sounds are accompanied by minimal arrangements, while lyrics and melodies are in sync with Jisoo’s unique vocals. The dreamy atmosphere of the song is also expected to be very addictive.



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