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Jisoo (BLACKPINK) shows her class as the star earning the most money for Dior fashion house.

According to the data just released by Lefty – a specialized unit in the fashion industry, the famous fashion house Dior owns the highest earned value in the list of luxury brands at 4 Fashion Weeks: Paris, Milan, London, and New York Fashion Week.
The information also shows that Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is the star with the highest-earning value compared to any other influential celebrity.
Specifically, the total sales that the Dior brand earned is $12.5M. But in it, Jisoo showed her “not-so-average” charm when earning $6.59M (equivalent to 150 billion VND), more than half of Dior’s revenue was thanks to Jisoo’s influence. In addition, this number had a remarkable growth compared to the Fashion Week Spring – Summer 2022 season last year.
Looking back at Jisoo’s appearances at fashion events, it can be seen that she always becomes the focus of the crowd’s attention. Not only has a large number of fans waiting, but Jisoo is also welcomed by the international media and given very winged compliments.
At such times, the name Jisoo has become the hottest keyword on social networking platforms. Thanks to that, the heat of the event and the brand also increased significantly.
BLACKPINK is a famous group consisting of 4 members from the famous entertainment company YG Entertainment. Not only Jisoo, but the rest of the members, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, are also highly famous, all of whom have achieved specific successes in many fields, including fashion.



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