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Jisoo (Blackpink) was spotted at The Black Lable studio.

After nearly 2 years of “long neck” because of waiting for BLACKPINK’s comeback, BLINK is finally nearing the day of picking sweet fruits. A few days ago, YG’s annual report announced the schedule for the second half of the year of the artist under the company, whose BLACKPINK category has been active since July. Then recently, Jisoo released another comeback for fans, strengthening the confidence of BLINKs.
Specifically, in the latest story posted by Jisoo on Instagram, in addition to the beautiful and flawless visual of the idol, fans also saw another expensive detail. The background behind Jisoo, where Jisoo filmed the story, is the familiar studio of The Black Label – where the BLACKPINK girls record music products.
This detail confirms that Jisoo has come to the studio, which means that Jisoo will record, and BLACKPINK is about to come back. Before that, BLACKPINK has also dropped hints subtly many times by taking pictures at the studio or posting “fog” for fans to hope. And BLACKPINK’s eldest sister has dropped a hint, then fans believe it.
Hearing the quality comeback from Jisoo’s position made BLINK very excited. Many fans left comments expressing their joy when seeing the idol come to the studio after 2 years of not making a comeback with music. Currently, BLINKs are very confident that BLACKPINK’s comeback date is coming soon.



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