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Jisoo (BLACKPINK) will marry the handsome Lee Jun Ho (2PM) in a new project?

Recently, the Korean social network spread information that Lee Jun Ho (2PM) and Jisoo (BLACKPINK) will collaborate.
Specifically, two actors are recommended for the lead role in the webtoon TV series – Positively Yours. The above series of authors Lee Jung and Kang Ki belongs to the tycoon model. Accordingly, the male lead is the chairman of a large corporation, has a great family, and adores his wife. If this information is correct, the audience will be able to witness the return of Jisoo after the Snowdrop. Lee Jun Ho tried his hand at a new role after impressing with The Red Sleeve.
The majority of the audience said that Lee Jun Ho has a temperament and appearance that suits the role of a general. While Jisoo doesn’t seem to match the original. Fans of the movie Snowdrop and The Red Sleeve felt unfamiliar when they acted together. Jung Hae In or Lee Se Young are suggested alternative names for the main cast.
The audience gave different opinions before this information:
-It’s cute, but Jisoo doesn’t feel it, if the male lead is Hae In, it’s better.
-I saw an article a while ago saying Kim Min Kyu and Seol In Ah match, but now I see Jisoo and Jun Ho. But I follow Min Kyu and In Ah.
– Jisoo is suitable for comedy, looking forward to the movie.
– Lee Jun Ho should act with Lee Se Young.
For many people, the webtoon Positively Yours Then has content as attractive as the Office Dating series that is storming. Therefore, the audience has high expectations for the success of this film.



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