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Style at Paris Fashion Week 2022, Jisoo Floods Criticism to Disappointment, Jennie BLACKPINK Is Worshiped

Two BLACKPINK members, Jisoo and Jennie, took part in a style competition at the 2022 Paris Fashion Week (PFW) event.
Paris Fashion Week 2022 has also been held, which will take place from Monday, February 28 to Tuesday, March 8 2022.
Previously, Jisoo came first to Paris because the Dior escape event was held at the beginning of the 2022 PFW. Likewise, Jennie attended PFW 2022 before the end of the event. This idol girl group was warmly welcomed when attending the Chanel event.
Both seemed to come to the event with a natural Korean-style makeup look.
Launching Kbizoom, the world fashion week event featured several celebrities who became the centre of attention.
Among them were Jisoo and Jennie BLACKPINK, who participated in the appearance of Paris Fashion Week (PFW) 2022.
Unfortunately, the two remaining BLACKPINK members, Lisa and Rose, did not attend due to personal reasons.
Meanwhile, for BLINKs, as BLACKPINK fans are called, their idols’ appearance at Fashion Week with the most beautiful designs from luxury brands is one of the most awaited events every year.
Even though BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Jisoo were only present, their appearance was still hot news at this year’s Fashion Week event.
That’s because the appearances of the two members of this famous K-Pop girl group are fighting each other with different looks.
However, ironically the appearance of one of the BLACKPINK members disappointed BLINKs, to the point of swallowing criticism compared to the other members.
As seen on March 1, 2022, after many hours of waiting in front of the Dior event area, the audience was disappointed with the appearance of Jisoo’s clothes.
It was seen that Jisoo attended the Dior runaway wearing a yellow pleated dress while carrying a classic Lady Dior bag that looked elegant.
Jisoo’s hair was left loose with blonde highlights at the bottom. She also wears charming black stilettos.
But instead of wanting to give the best, Jisoo’s appearance disappointed the audience with Jisoo’s clothes, which were considered simple.
They also reveal all the shortcomings that exist in Jisoo.
Even Jisoo did not get the spotlight during the event, even though she had appeared with a familiar girly and cute concept.
Even then, Jisoo’s ‘goddess’ visual has not been able to save her image or push the value of the clothes she wears.
Even though Dior or Cordi Jisoo is to blame for this incident, Jisoo still has to swallow criticism for her appearance.
This year, her appearance at Fashion Week did not seem to leave any impression, compared to her beautiful and charming appearance in the previous Fashion Week season.
Meanwhile, it’s different from Jisoo’s appearance style, which only leaves disappointment; Jennie’s style heats the atmosphere when appearing at this year’s Fashion Week event.
With an all-black fashion style, Jennie looks even cuter.
Her appearance wearing a black crop top with chunky neck accessory makeup and a boomer jacket, as well as a black skirt with bling-bling accents, made Jennie look simple but elegant.
In addition, Jennie also appeared in her style, which was seen carrying a Chanel mini bag that is currently trending worldwide.
Moreover, his unique braided updo hairstyle, a combination of modern fashion and 18th-century vibes, puts him even more in the audience’s spotlight.
Although, to be honest, this may not be an outfit with a wow factor, Jennie’s visuals and aura can make an excuse to prove that she can be chosen as a Chanel ambassador.
Even Jennie successfully appeared at Paris Fashion Week 2 times as an ambassador.
Even then, Jennie’s style of appearance continues to provide various charms.
The second outfit perfectly helped Jennie show off her stunning figure and accentuate her chic aura.
While Jisoo got mixed reactions to her clothes.
Even though the two K-Pop idol members left a different impression in this fashion week this Fall/Winter 2022 fashion week, the social media buzz is as big as the one generated by both Jennie and Jisoo.
Because it is undeniable, with the appearance style of this member of the BLACKPINK girl group, it must make things the most profitable for the two luxury giants, Chanel and Dior.



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