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Jisoo has 4 tips to hack her best figure despite her modest height BLACKPINK.

In terms of beauty, Jisoo is the most representative of BLACKPINK. But in terms of physique, she is the weakest in the group. However, even though it is only about 1m62 tall, this is a relatively modest figure. Her short stature still can’t stop Jisoo from dressing well. Jisoo is always impressed with the dress because of her beautiful, sweet appearance and taller body than reality.
She cleverly applies height hacks to get the perfect look. And whether you have a modest height or not, you should also learn the following tips from Jisoo.
1. Wearing a short skirt.
Skirts and miniskirts are precisely the “treasures” of short female stars, and Jisoo is no exception. This skirt style will enhance Jisoo’s slim legs and give her a fresh and sweet look.
Short skirts will help Jisoo’s figure become more elegant and taller. Jisoo transforms with many types of short skirts, from layered skirts and tight skirts to flared skirts…
2. Wear pointed toe heels.
Short girls should not be “lazy” to wear high heels because this item brings a sense of elegance, charm, and elegance. BLACKPINK’s eldest sister often combines high heels with short skirts, especially choosing pointy shoes. This design makes the legs look longer and slimmer. As a result, the figure becomes even taller. Pointed-toe shoes are also appreciated for their sophistication, very suitable for mixing with Jisoo’s luxurious outfits.
3. Don’t forget your profile.
This way of dressing creates a neat look to help redefine the proportions of the body, creating the effect of longer legs to give an overall look tall and elegant look. If you don’t dress the whole thing, you can learn how to dress Jisoo in half to get a liberal look and still give an excellent hacking effect.
4. Wearing a skirt that presses the waist.
The detail of pressing the waist plays a critical role in the hack, but if you dress up with a flowing skirt, the detail of pressing the waist will ensure that your figure is not “drowned.” In addition to enhancing the figure, the waist detailing also adds sophistication and elegance to the wearer. That’s why Jisoo favors skirts that hit her waist so much.
You’ve seen that Jisoo doesn’t need to have a slim body like Jennie or an ideal height like Lisa is still appreciated because of her ability to mix top-notch clothes. Regardless of the item, she has a way to highlight her strengths.



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