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Jisoo, Lee Hyeri and Kpop female idols cause fever on Korean screens at the end of the year

Although it is the last month of 2021, the Korean small screen race is still highly bustling with the appearance of popular female Kpop idols. Let’s see who they are.
1. Jisoo – Snowdrop.
Jisoo is a famous female idol in Korea’s leading Black Pink group, an ambassador of a big fashion brand, and is loved and cared for by the public. Therefore, for the first time in her career, she played the female lead in “Snowdrop,” which received a lot of expectations.
In addition to those who were looking forward to the debut of Snowdrop, the work was also opposed by a part of the audience because of accusations of distorting Korean history. Snowdrop still fixed the broadcast schedule every Saturday and Sunday despite the controversy.
Ji-soo plays the role of a college student who accidentally saves the young man Im Suho (played by Jung Hae In). The debut of the female lead Jisoo is promising with a perfect appearance and cute, cute acting that suits the character of Young Ro.
2. Kwon Nara – Bulgasal: Immortal Souls.
Former Hello Venus member Kwon Nara will be the one to confront Jisoo in work Bulgasal directly: Immortal Souls, which will also air every Saturday and Sunday. This drama is considered a critical project with a considerable investment budget of up to 40 billion won.
In the drama, Kwon Nara will play an immortal woman who is reincarnated as a human after the tragic events she has to go through. This is a role that requires a lot of emotions and complex psychological developments, which will not be an easy challenge for her. To transform into the character, Kwon Nara has to make up less beautiful with a loose appearance, older than real life.

3. Lee Hyeri – Moonshine.

Despite airing amid Snowdrop’s drama, Moonshine – a historical romantic drama mixed with comedy, Lee Hyeri still wildly achieved impressive ratings for the first episode.
This is Hyeri’s first historical role in her acting career. The girl group Girl’s Day female plays an aristocrat who has to make illegal alcohol to support his family. Many viewers think that Hyeri’s acting style has not changed; she still cannot escape the shadow of Duk Sun in Reply 1988.
4. Joy – The One And Only.
“Living doll” Joy Red Velvet has officially returned to the small screen in The One And Only movie. This is the first work, marking the return of the beauty after 3 years when she participated in The Great Seducer, The Liar And His Lover.
Joy returned to the small screen with the eagerness of many fans. They think that the beautiful Red Velvet is becoming more mature, seductive, and has the charisma of an actress. Three years is enough time for Joy to perfect her acting ability.

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