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Jisoo succeeded in stealing attention because he appeared with a plain face without makeup and glasses

.Jisoo BLACKPINK flooded his Instagram post with a series of photos of London walks. Most recently, Jisoo shared a photo with a plain face without makeup framed with glasses. The latest photo of Jisoo with glasses has succeeded in stealing the attention of fans.
Since Monday (5/12), Jisoo is known to have shared many photos in several posts that reveal his activities in London. Apart from concerts, Jisoo also had the opportunity to walk around London.
“Free time in London,” wrote the oldest member at BLACKPINK in the caption for posting photos in London, which were uploaded on Tuesday (6/12) evening.
Jisoo appears innocent without thick makeup in the series of photos shared, like during a gig or other event. Bennie and the round glasses that Jisoo wears make the idol even more adorable.
The fans also agree with it. Not a few of the fans came to the comments column to leave messages of praise for Jisoo’s beauty. Some of them also praised Jisoo’s cute visuals when wearing glasses.
“Very beautiful Dior’s favorite,” wrote @rkixxxx. “Gemesh really glasses,” continued @blinkxxxx. “Very cute,” continued @jensxxxx. “Beautiful, really cute,” commented @_exaxxx. “Cute wearing glasses,” said @shixxxx. “How can you look beautiful and cute at the same time, Jisoo?” concluded @sooxxxx.
Meanwhile, it is known that BLACKPINK is currently in the middle of its world tour concert schedule. On November 30, 2022, BLACKPINK continued their world tour concert in London, England. After the concert schedule was over, the members spent time walking around enjoying the atmosphere of the City of London.



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