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Jisoo’s fashion (BLACKPINK) in “Snowdrop”: Simple but still shimmering like a fairy princess.

Only a few hours left until Snowdrop – the movie marking the debut of rookie actor Jisoo (BLACKPINK) will officially air. Currently, keywords related to Snowdrop and the movie’s cast are extremely hot on social networking platforms. Although it was previously caught in a strong boycott wave from Koreans because of historical issues, it can be seen that Snowdrop is being very well received. In addition to not knowing how Jisoo will perform during this official encroachment into acting, another scorching topic on social networks today is the shimmering fairy-tale scene and the impressive vintage fashion of Jisoo and the group. Sisters in Snowdrop. I don’t know if it’s because of the collaboration with Disney, but the Snowdrop scene feels different from Korean movies in general. The room with the characteristic loft has appeared in a series of trailers, and movie teasers are extremely impressively decorated with ornately decorated windows, chests, cassette radios, clocks, old books,… Background This scene is different from the Korean series that also exploits the story of the 80s of the last century; it does not bring a feeling of nostalgia but a fairy tale like the movies about Disney princesses.
And although Snowdrop did not reveal many images of the characters, the fashion in the film made the audience extremely excited. Jisoo’s clothes wear vintage designs and patterns or are discreet and elegant with princess-like flared skirts.
Take a look at some of Jisoo’s outfits at Snowdrop:

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