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If you don’t know Jisoo’s position in the fashion industry, then you can understand how the crown prince of LVMH treats her!

Recently, Blinks discovered the favor of the crown prince of fashion group LVMH – Antoine Arnault – for Jisoo (BLACKPINK). As a global ambassador of Dior, she receives special love from the people who run the brand.
Specifically, on Instagram, Antoine Arnault added a photo taken with Jisoo in the highlight titled “A la Une (Temporary translation: Unique).” In this highlight, there are only 10 stories with content in the form of memorable milestones with Antoine Arnault. Jisoo is the only Asian celebrity appearing in the above story series. On the photo taken with Jisoo when they first met, he also wrote: “It’s a pleasure to meet Jisoo and welcome to the Dior family.” That is enough to understand her position with Dior and LVMH. Besides, Jisoo received special love from the creative director of Dior – Maria Grazia Chiuri. Not only was she entrusted with the responsibility of a global ambassador, but the BLACKPINK member was also the inspiration for Dior’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection. And yet, the next time she went to Paris to watch the Dior Spring-Summer 2022 show, Jisoo met CEO Pietro Beccari. At that time, on social networks spread a joke of him while greeting Jisoo: “If YG fires her, text me. I will take her.”
All can see the position of the global ambassador in the eyes of the senior leaders of the Dior brand. Jisoo also positively affects the company, so it is not difficult to understand such a good treatment!



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