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Joo Hyun-young Reveals Kwon Eunbi’s High School Antics on ‘Running Man’.

In a recent episode of SBS’s ‘Running Man,’ actress Joo Hyun-young shared some amusing anecdotes from her high school days with K-Pop idol Kwon Eunbi. The episode, aired on the 17th, also featured Kwon Eunbi and Tsuki from the girl group Billy as guests.

During a segment called the ‘Angry Drop, Ball Pickup’ race, the conversation turned to Joo Hyun-young’s past aspirations of becoming an idol. Yoo Jae-seok, the host, brought up Hyun-young’s idol audition history, prompting her to showcase her personal dance skills.

This led to an interesting revelation by Kwon Eunbi about their high school days. Eunbi, who was in the dance department, reminisced about Hyun-young, a fellow classmate from the acting department. She praised Hyun-young’s talents, noting that her dance skills remained as impressive as they were back in high school.

The highlight of the conversation was Joo Hyun-young’s revelation about Kwon Eunbi’s habits in high school. She humorously described their school as resembling the setting of the popular drama ‘Dream High’, and shared that Eunbi would often perform a sexy dance in the hallway. This unexpected revelation caused a burst of laughter among the cast.

When Yoo Jae-seok inquired why Kwon Eunbi would dance like that in the hallway, Eunbi playfully responded that she thought she was quite popular at the time, adding to the show’s light-hearted atmosphere.

This exchange not only showcased the guests’ sense of humor but also provided a glimpse into their past, highlighting the diverse backgrounds and experiences they bring to the entertainment industry.

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