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Not wanting to show off wealth, Jun Ji Hyun relaxes modestly wearing sandals when traveling with children.

On the throne to be the wife of a conglomerate, Jun Ji Hyun was again caught on camera dressing up wearing sandals while traveling with her child. Even though her husband is a wealthy businessman, Jun Ji Hyun is not proud to leave the house with a superficial appearance. As is known, Jun Ji Hyun married a former golf player as well as a reliable businessman named Choi Joon Hyuk in 2021. Choi Joon Hyuk has also worked as a banker at Bank of America. Not only that, but Jun Ji Hyun’s husband also comes from the conglomerate family that owns Kukje Steel. According to reports, the company owned by Choi Joon Hyuk has assets of around 350 billion Won as of February 2020. In addition to being able to inherit wealth from his husband, Jun Ji Hyun also has a personal income that is no less fantastic. She was also recently able to buy a mall building for 50.5 billion Won in Seoul. Even though his worldly wealth is abundant, Jun Ji Hyun is not the typical woman who likes to show off her wealth.
Launching Kbizoom, Jun Ji Hyun was recently caught walking with her son.
It was rare for Jun Ji Hyun’s son to appear in public. The Sina website, on March 22, 2022, quoted a source from a netizen post who shared a photo taken when this person happened to meet actress Jun Ji Hyun taking her son for a walk.
According to this netizen, Jun Ji Hyun took her son to a cafe on the weekend.
Apart from Jun Ji Hyun and her son, the boy’s nanny also accompanied. The Jirisan drama actress seemed to follow her son all day. Jun Ji Hyun’s appearance was straightforward, with a thick vest combined with a gray long-sleeved shirt and a pair of sandals. In this photo, the appearance of Jun Ji Hyun’s son is also in the spotlight. The person who uploaded the picture said that Jeon Ji Hyun’s son has a handsome, cute face and an extraordinary figure. In the future, she would be very handsome. Everyone agrees with this opinion. Since both Jun Ji Hyun and her husband have outstanding visuals, their son will follow in their footsteps in the future.



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