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Jung Hae In Sacrificed His Dream of Becoming a Doctor. What transpired?

Jung Hae-in was destined for a career in medicine. However, a twist of fate altered his course, leading him to surrender his dreams. What transpired?

Originally, Jung Hae-in was on the path of studying biotechnology before venturing into the entertainment industry, a fact known to only a few, as his ambition for a medical career remained a well-kept secret prior to his foray into showbiz.

The actor had been influenced by his successful doctor parents and had plans to specialize in biotechnology.

Jung Hae-in’s future took an unexpected turn. One day, while strolling through a mall with a friend, he received a contact from an agency.

Subsequently, he embarked on a one-month acting academy before graduating from the Department of Broadcasting and Performing Arts at Pyeongtaek University.

Thus, Jung Hae-in relinquished his dream of becoming a doctor and chose a new path.

However, his journey to becoming a South Korean actor was not without challenges. During his school days, he battled weight gain, putting on 12 kilograms within a short span due to an increased appetite. He even devoured an entire box of chocolate cake.

Yet, driven by his strong desire to become an actor, Jung Hae-in committed to a strict diet and declared, “If I can’t do this, I won’t become an actor.”

From then on, he controlled his eating habits and maintained a consistent exercise routine. Prior to his official debut in 2013, Jung Hae-in made a brief appearance in the music video for AOA’s ‘MOYA’.

The following year, he finally made his debut in the drama ‘Bride of the Century’.

Jung Hae-in, acclaimed for his standout performance in the popular 2016 Korean drama ‘Goblin’, where he earned the nickname “national youth,” began to capture public attention.

In 2017, he portrayed Inspector Yoo Jung-woo in the drama ‘Prison Playbook’.

Despite playing supporting roles, his expressive face and remarkable acting garnered enthusiastic support from viewers.

Then, in 2018, he achieved a significant breakthrough in his career with a lead role in the romantic drama ‘Something in the Rain’, where he starred opposite renowned actress Son Ye-jin.

Jung Hae-in further elevated his stature as an actor through roles in ‘One Spring Night’, ‘Snowdrop’, and ‘D.P’.

Expressing his ambitions, Jung Hae-in revealed a desire to propel his career even further.

Rumors have circulated that Jung Hae-in will headline the anticipated sequel to the hit film ‘Veteran’. He is also set to appear in the variety show ‘Travel Log’ alongside Lim Si Wan.

The beloved star has ignited excitement among fans and viewers alike, affirming his readiness to undertake another melodrama following his action-packed role in ‘D.P.’.

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