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Jung Hae-in Takes on Romantic Comedy in tvN’s Upcoming ‘Mom’s Friend’s Son’.

South Korean actor Jung Hae-in is set to charm audiences in a new role, confirming his appearance in tvN’s upcoming romantic comedy ‘Mom’s Friend’s Son.’ This marks Jung’s first foray into the romantic comedy genre, showcasing his versatile acting skills.

‘Mom’s Friend’s Son’ presents a unique storyline revolving around the intertwined lives of two main characters. The plot centers on a woman striving to turn her life around and her connection with her mother’s friend’s son, who embodies her past missteps. Set against the backdrop of personal growth and romantic entanglements, the drama promises a blend of humor and heartfelt moments.

The anticipated drama will commence filming next year and is slated for broadcast in the latter half of the year. This project is particularly notable for the reunion of director Yoo Je-won and writer Shin Ha-eun, the creative duo behind the hit tvN drama ‘Seaside Village Cha Cha Cha.’

In ‘Mom’s Friend’s Son,’ Jung Hae-in portrays Choi Seung-hyo, a character with a complex and intriguing background. As the CEO of the architectural atelier ‘In,’ Choi Seung-hyo is a rising star in Korea’s architectural scene, known for his exceptional talent, striking looks, and impeccable character. However, his flawless image is contrasted by his connection to Bae Seok-ryu, a figure from his past that represents his only “dark side.”

The drama teases an engaging storyline as Choi Seung-hyo and Bae Seok-ryu, whose history dates back to their childhood, cross paths again. Their shared experiences, from a memorable encounter in a bathhouse to their present lives, pique curiosity about the evolution of their relationship.

2023 has been a momentous year for Jung Hae-in, marking his 10th anniversary in the entertainment industry. His activities included a cameo in the Netflix series ‘DP’ Season 2, a role in the film ‘Spring in Seoul,’ and the successful ‘The Tenth Season’ fan meeting. Further highlighting his global appeal, he embarked on an extensive world tour, covering 12 regions including Seoul. His diverse acting portfolio expanded with the film ‘Veteran 2,’ where he explored the role of a villain, and now, his upcoming romantic comedy debut in ‘Mom’s Friend’s Son.’

Fans eagerly anticipate Jung Hae-in’s new avatar in 2024, as he continues to explore varied genres and characters, solidifying his status as a dynamic and beloved actor in the Korean entertainment industry.

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