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Kim Chaewon of LE SSERAFIM believes that Kim Soo Hyun’s drama is ideal for a holiday break.

Kim Chaewon LE SSERAFIM previously had an appearance on YouTube Vogue Korea. The star born in 2000 spoke about drama, which she believed would go well with the Christmas season, in addition to unpacking the items in his suitcase.
It seems that Kim Chaewon selected “My Love from The Star,” a fantasy drama starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun. She concentrated on a 2013 fantasy romance drama that aired, as opposed to picking a new one.
“I felt quite joyful when I saw ‘My Love from the Star,'” stated Kim Chaewon.
Kim Chaewon was the ideal actor for Kim Soo Hyun’s drama since it accurately captured the subtleties of winter. Kim Chaewon believed that the content of the drama was appropriate for viewing over the Christmas season.
“I have no idea why. Is it because winter is in the background? I like re-watching “My Love from the Star” for that reason “Kim Chaewon was added. “I advise it.”
Kim Chaewon gave advice for coping with dry portions of her body before suggesting dramas. She has to carry moisturizers for his hands, lips, and eyes because of this.
LE SSERAFIM, meanwhile, issued “Antifragile,” their second EP, in October. Kim Chaewon cs is the quickest female group to debut on the list thanks to the album’s ascent to position #14 on the Billboard 200.
LE SSERAFIM also had success in marketing “Antifragile” in order to get a KMCA Platinum certification. In Korea, at least 784,837 copies have been sold. This number exceeds the 415,654 copies of their debut EP, “Fearless,” that were sold in Korea.



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