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Kim Do Hoon and Chae Won Bin Join Forces in Campus Rom-Com Drama ‘Confession Attack’.

In exciting news, Kim Do Hoon and Chae Won Bin have been confirmed as the lead stars of the upcoming short romantic comedy drama, “Confession Attack.” This drama is the seventh installment of KBS’s Drama Special 2023 series and promises to be a delightful campus love story.

“Confession Attack” revolves around the life of Cha Seok Jin, a dedicated university student who meticulously plans his daily routine, yet always finds himself in second place on campus. Kim Do Hoon will take on this role, bringing to life the character’s disciplined nature and unexpected romantic encounters.

On the other hand, Chae Won Bin will portray Kang Kyung Joo, a top-ranked student who is entirely focused on her future and her numerous part-time jobs. Her world takes an interesting turn when she becomes the target of Cha Seok Jin’s “confession attack.”

With its intriguing storyline and talented cast, “Confession Attack” is set to premiere on KBS in October as part of Drama Special 2023. Be prepared for a charming and entertaining campus romantic comedy that explores the dynamics of love and rivalry.

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