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Kim Go Eun Expresses Her Fears of Encountering Real Ghosts During ‘Exhuma’ Filming.

In a recent press conference held on Wednesday, January 17th, for the upcoming mystery horror film ‘Exhuma’, South Korean actress Kim Go Eun, born in 1991, shared her unique concerns experienced during the film’s production.

Known for her versatile acting, Go Eun stepped into an entirely new role in her career, portraying a shaman for the first time. “I had a strong desire not to appear awkward while performing rituals or chanting spells,” she remarked, highlighting her commitment to authentically portraying her character.

Go Eun elaborated on her efforts to convincingly embody a young, capable, and professional shaman. However, she candidly revealed her apprehensions about possibly encountering real ghosts on the set of “Exhuma”. “Before filming started, I was genuinely worried about seeing ghosts.

But knowing that the director is a deacon in the church brought me some relief,” she shared. Go Eun also noted the high-spirited humor among the cast members on set, which made the shooting process enjoyable and akin to an adventurous journey.

At the press event, Go Eun also discussed her on-set chemistry with co-star Lee Do Hyun in “Exhuma”. She mentioned their great rapport, attributing it to their similar ages and harmonious relationship.

“Exhuma” narrates the tale of a geomancer, a funeral officer, and two shamans, portrayed by Go Eun and Do Hyun, who embark on a mysterious mission to relocate a suspicious graveyard in exchange for a substantial reward.

Production photos released earlier showcase Fung Shui master Sang Deok (Choi Min Sik), custodian Young Geun (Yoo Hae Jin), and the shamans Hwa Rim (Go Eun) and Bong Gil (Do Hyun) intensely examining a mysterious grave site together.

Slated for release around February 2024, “Exhuma” is already generating significant interest among moviegoers. Stay tuned for more updates on this intriguing project.

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