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Kim Go Eun, Park Ji Hyun, Kim Gun Woo Set to Shine in Latest Drama from Acclaimed ‘Do You Like Brahms?’ Director.

Get ready for the unveiling of Netflix’s newest drama sensation, “Two Women”, set to captivate audiences with its intricate narrative and stellar cast.

The drama boasts a remarkable ensemble, led by Kim Go Eun, Park Ji Hyun, and Kim Gun Woo. Directed by the mastermind behind acclaimed series “Do You Like Brahms?” and “The Interest of Love,” “Two Women” delves into the complex relationship between two friends, Eun Joong and Sang Yeon. Their bond is a tapestry of deep respect, love, jealousy, and spite, painting a vivid picture of human emotions.

Kim Go Eun, renowned for her roles in “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,” “Yumi’s Cells,” “Little Women,” and others, steps into the shoes of Ryu Eun Joong. Eun Joong, an ostensibly ordinary character, possesses a unique charm and honesty that draws people to her.

Park Ji Hyun, who has left a lasting impression in “Do You Like Brahms?” and “Reborn Rich,” portrays Eun Joong’s closest friend and rival, Cheon Sang Yeon. Their journey begins in elementary school when Eun Joong meets Sang Yeon, a child of wealth and talent. Despite Eun Joong’s mixed feelings of respect and envy, a close friendship blossoms between them.

The narrative follows Eun Joong and Sang Yeon through their 20s and 30s, marking their reunions and separations, and culminates as they turn 42. Eun Joong, now a drama scriptwriter, reunites with successful film director Sang Yeon. In a poignant turn of events, Sang Yeon, diagnosed with terminal cancer, seeks Eun Joong’s companionship in her final days. The drama promises to be a reflective journey through their lives, from school days to adulthood, highlighting the profound influence they have on each other.

Adding another layer to the drama is Kim Gun Woo, celebrated for his role in “The Glory.” He plays Kim Sang Hak, a popular senior from Eun Joong and Sang Yeon’s college photography club. His character, as devoted to Eun Joong as he is to photography, is a significant presence in the lives of both women, being Eun Joong’s boyfriend and Sang Yeon’s club senior.

“Two Women” is poised to be a touching exploration of friendship, rivalry, and the myriad emotions that define human connections. Netflix audiences are in for a compelling and emotionally rich drama.

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