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Kim Hee-sun, Star of ‘Nice Rocco’, Shares Thoughts on “Refreshing Adult Love… A Source of Comfort”

Amidst the buzz surrounding the upcoming release of the movie ‘Sweet Sea: 7510’ on the 15th, all eyes are on Yu Hae-jin, who has taken on a romantic drama role for the first time in 25 years since his debut. Adding to the anticipation is the fact that Yu Hae-jin’s co-star is none other than the renowned beauty, Kim Hee-sun. For two decades, Kim Hee-sun has held the title of a ‘beauty icon’ in an entertainment industry characterized by the ebb and flow of countless charming and remarkable faces. Surprisingly, in the film, the apparent ‘gap’ between their appearances is unnoticeable. This might be due to Kim Hee-sun’s insight, shared during a video interview on the 10th, stating, “The film presents a fresh tale of adult love, where innocence recognizes innocence.”

The movie stands as a warm-hearted and benevolent creation by kind-hearted individuals. Chi-ho (portrayed by Yoo Hae-jin), a researcher at a confectionery company, is a mid-40s single parent. A simple and compassionate man, he diligently follows his routine as if on a perpetual treadmill. He never utters a harsh word even to his older brother Seok-ho (played by Cha In-pyo), who consistently extorts money from him. Chi-ho’s path crosses with Il-yeong (Kim Hee-sun), an early 40s single mother with a college-aged daughter. Il-yeong, vibrant and full of life, finds herself captivated by Chi-ho’s unique persona, standing apart from the norm. Strikingly, Chi-ho doesn’t shy away from Il-yeong’s attention, allowing their connection to flourish.

Chi-ho’s innocence radiates throughout the film. He engages in meaningful eye contact and, upon learning that women favor humorous men, he commits jokes to memory, perfecting the art of the ‘dad joke’. Of special note is the way he ‘blinks’ at Il-yeong, akin to using a turn signal while driving to convey apologies or gratitude. Il-yeong, in turn, falls deeply in love with Chi-ho. Kim Hee-sun explains, “While others might question his quirks, Il-yeong cherishes Chi-ho’s innocence just as it is.”

For Kim Hee-sun, a former ‘queen of romance’ during her twenties and a guarantee for high viewership ratings, this romantic role has been long-awaited. She reveals, “In the past, my personal emotions and feelings towards my partner were the focus of love. Nowadays, I possess a desire for those around me to appreciate the other person too. It’s all about sharing the affection,” she affirms.

Director Lee Han, at the helm of this heartwarming film, has always been synonymous with heartfelt cinematic experiences. Kim Hee-sun shares an endearing anecdote about her collaboration with him, saying, “It felt like I was working with two Chi-hos on set.” She recounts a charming incident when she was contemplating her involvement in the movie, and Director Lee Han sent her a handwritten letter spanning two pages. To her amusement, there was a typewritten version of the same content inside the envelope, making her chuckle at the thoughtfulness.

The movie seamlessly weaves humor into every scene, evoking hearty laughter. However, some viewers might sense a slight lack of cohesion due to various episodic elements. Kim Hee-sun expresses, “I felt truly heartened when those around me commented that this is a film needed in our times.” She anticipates, “Our enchanting movie aims to alleviate anxiety and offer solace, just as we hope.”

As anticipation builds for the release of ‘Sweet Sea: 7510’, audiences eagerly await the heartwarming story of Chi-ho and Il-yeong, two souls entangled in a fresh, innocent, and comforting adult love affair.

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