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Kim Hye-soo’s Emotional Farewell at the Final Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Renowned actress Kim Hye-soo bid an emotional goodbye at her last appearance as the host of the prestigious ‘Blue Dragon Film Awards’. Her journey as the award ceremony’s MC, spanning an impressive three decades since 1993, culminated in a heartfelt final scene that moved everyone, including Hye-soo herself, to tears.

In a revealing video titled ‘Kim Hye-soo’s last Blue Dragon Film Awards, the story behind the stage,’ uploaded on the ‘by PDC PDC’ channel, the behind-the-scenes moments of this poignant farewell were shared. The video highlighted Hye-soo’s touching reunion with Shin Jong-in, the former vice president of MBC, who played a pivotal role in her career by appointing her as the first MC for the ‘Blue Dragon Film Awards’. Their emotional exchange, filled with tears and reminiscence, underscored the deep respect and affection Hye-soo held for Shin.

Shin, aware of the emotional weight of the event, brought sunglasses to hide potential tears, a sentiment that resonated with Hye-soo. She expressed immense happiness and gratitude, dispelling any notions of disappointment.

A particularly striking moment occurred just before the live broadcast of the awards. Hye-soo’s stylist had to hastily adjust her dress, which had become too large, a testament to her recent weight loss. This was a first in her 30 episodes as host. The staff also noted changes in her appearance, with Hye-soo acknowledging these changes with a positive outlook.

The final scene of the awards ceremony was a powerful testament to Hye-soo’s legacy. As she concluded her duties and descended from the stage, she was met with an outpouring of tears and applause from the staff, a fitting tribute to her 30-year tenure.

Reflecting on her journey while driving home, Hye-soo shared her deep emotional connection with the ‘Blue Dragon Film Awards’, equating the significance of her three-decade-long association with the event to any of her film works. She anticipated cherishing these memories with love for years to come.

With the conclusion of the 44th ‘Blue Dragon Film Awards’ last month, Kim Hye-soo gracefully stepped away from her role as an MC, marking the end of an era and leaving a legacy that will be remembered fondly in the annals of Korean film history.

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