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Kim Ji Won Plays an Introvert in Drama My Liberation Notes.

Drama My Liberation Notes has unveiled new stills of Kim Ji Won. My Literation Notes is a JTBC drama that tells the story of three siblings who want to escape from their complicated lives and the events that unfold when a mysterious outsider comes to their town.
Kim Ji Won plays Yeom Mi Jung, the youngest brother, who is introverted and shy until she decides to make changes to free herself from a gloomy and monochrome life.
Lee Min Ki plays Yeom Chang Hee, the middle brother, who wished for a pleasant life in the city but now lives aimlessly without any ambition.
Meanwhile, Lee El plays Yeom Ki Jung, the eldest brother, who feels his youth was wasted from going back and forth to his job in Seoul and is desperate to find love.
Son Seok Gu plays Mr. Gu, a charming and mysterious outsider who suddenly arrives in town and gets drunk every day, losing his purpose in life.
On March 22, JTBC released the first photo of Kim Ji Won as the introverted Yeom Mi Jung that depicts her typical gloomy day. With an unconcerned expression on her face, she started her morning waiting at the bus stop. However, what he was waiting for was far beyond the bus and something else he could see right now.
While on the bus, Yeom Mi Jung looks lost in thought, and her inner worry starts to show in her expression. However, she put all her worries aside in the office as she smiled brightly in front of her coworkers. The way Yeom Mi Jung diligently lives her tiring daily life will present a story that viewers can understand.
Through his role as Yeom Mi Jung, Kim Ji Won will display a new image of his acting. A natural introvert, Yeom Mi Jung has lived her entire life feeling like the only person left.
Any relationship feels like a lot to deal with, and everyday life feels like a chore. However, when he was with his siblings, he always quietly did his part.
Yeom Mi Jung works as a contractor for the design team of a card company and thus has learned to show the bright faces of public members, but her inner feelings are constantly tormented.
“Mi Jung has a calm in her that is not easily swayed. Instead of following in the footsteps of others, he is someone who moves according to his conscience. He is a character who deeply contemplates his own life. Because of that, he yearns for freedom and is a great character,” said Kim Ji Won.
Kim Ji Won continued Mi Jung’s emotional transformation was as good as possible. “I wanted to pinpoint the flow of emotions that Mi Jung went through as time went on, so I talked to the director a lot,” he said.
JTBC’s My Liberation Notes premiered on April 9 at 10:30 pm South Korean time.



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