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Lisa BLACKPINK is seen wearing a wedding ring on her ring finger.

Singers from Thailand, Lalisa Manabon or Lisa BLACKPINK, have always stolen the attention of many people.
Previously, Lisa BLACKPINK appeared charming at the Paris Fashion Week event which was also attended by her colleague, Jennie BLACKPINK.
After appearing at Paris Fashion Week, BLACKPINK’s Lisa is known to have flown to Italy.
The purpose of the Money singer came to Italy to attend the Fashion House Event.
It is known that at that time Lalisa Manoban also visited the BVLGARI store in Rome, Italy.
As is known, BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the brand ambassador of the BVLGARI brand.
When BLACKPINK’s Lisa visited the BVLGARI store, her charming appearance really radiated.
Even the charm of Lalisa Manoban looks very elegant.
Moreover, BLACKPINK’s Lisa appeared with simple makeup, making her really amaze fans.
Moreover, Jennie BLACKPINK’s colleague appeared wearing a Malevich jacket dress made by designer KIMHEKIM.
Launching from KpopStarz, Malevich’s jacket is known to be worth $1,494.
The jacket was also paired with $300 oversized white jeans.
BLACKPINK’s Lisa was also spotted wearing a pair of CELINE Luco Triomphe Loafers for $850.
However, fans actually focused on one of the accessories worn by this BLACKPINK Jisoo colleague.
BLINKs saw that BLACKPINK’s Lisa was wearing a ring on her ring finger. The ring worn by Rose BLACKPINK’s colleague is known to be a wedding ring.
Launching from, this diamond ring from the BVLGARI bridal collection looks sweetly wrapped around the wrist of her ring finger.
Therefore, fans flocked to directly apply for Lisa BLACKPINK. The application made by fans was nothing but a joke because they saw their idol wearing a wedding ring. As is known, BLACKPINK’s Lisa is a brand ambassador of various well-known brands.



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