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Kim Min Kyu Shows Off Account Balance, Seol In Ah Is Excited To See The Amount!

The drama Business Proposal, starring Kim Min Kyu and Seol In Ah, is over.
But there are still many fans who still can’t move on from this adorable couple.
The acting of Kim Min Kyu and Seol In Ah do look very natural as a couple.
Fans also hope that Business Proposal will have a season 2 because many are curious about how the relationship between Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah) and Cha Sung Hun (Kim Min Kyu) will end.
Their love in the Business Proposal was hindered by the blessing of Jin Young Seo’s father, who is a wealthy conglomerate.
Jin Young Seo’s father disapproved if his only daughter had a relationship with a secretary only.
But in fact, Jin Young Seo’s love for Cha Sung Hun can’t be prevented by anything.
Shin Ha Ri’s best friend still maintains a relationship with her lover. He chose to resign from the position given by his father.
After desperate to resign, Jin Young Seo will automatically become unemployed. Cha Sung Hun also asked his girlfriend about the plans after this.
“I will create my own company!” said Jin Young Seo optimistically.
But he admitted that he was constrained by the funds needed to start his own business.
Jin Young Seo intends to use his severance pay and seek a loan to start his business. Cha Sung Hun couldn’t stay silent seeing his lover in trouble; he immediately rushed to provide a solution for his beloved person.
Cha Sung Hun as a reliable lover, immediately showed his savings.
Jin Young Seo saw the balance written in the account book and immediately widened his eyes.
The amount is not kidding; Cha Sung Hun has a savings of 1.7 billion Won
At first, Jin Young Seo refused because it was impossible to deal with borrowing and borrowing like this with his girlfriend.
But quickly, Cha Sung Hun said that not only did he provide capital, but he wanted to be the first investor in his lover’s business.
Cha Sung Hun also confirmed that he would look at Jin Young Seo’s business prospects first.
This made Jin Young Seo happy not to be helpless, and he immediately showered his girlfriend with kisses.
Seeing the couple’s interaction played by Seol In Ah and Kim Min Kyu is indeed adorable.
Cha Sung Hun, played by Kim Min Kyu, is the dream of all the women out there; who doesn’t want to have a supportive lover like this?



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