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Kim Soo Hyun’s Gloomy Past Before Success, Abandoned to Hard Work for the Beloved Mother.

Actor Kim Soo Hyun has graced the small screen since 2007. He started as a supporting player in the sitcom ‘Kimchi Cheese Smile.
Kim Soo Hyun’s name is increasingly known to the public through the school-themed drama Dream High.
Apart from acting, Kim Soo Hyun also showed singing and dancing talent in the drama.
Success after success was achieved by the man born on February 16, 1988. His acting with Jun Ji Hyun in ‘My Love From Another Star’ also raised his name. It is not wrong if Kim Soo Hyun is now the highest-paid actor in South Korea.
But all of his achievements were not just achieved without struggle. Having great talent, good looks and a good personality, Kim Soo Hyun has gone through dark times.
Reporting from, Sunday, March 27, 2022, this man with a humorous personality since his mother only raised childhood. Since Kim Shoo Hyun was little, his father had left him.
Kim Soo Hyun’s father is not just anyone in Korea. He is a singer named Kim Chung Hoon, vocalist of the 80s band, Seven Dolphins.
This veteran singer left his wife and children and never raised Kim Soo Hyun.
Kim Soo Hyun’s parents divorced when he was very young. Kim Soo Hyun rarely mentions his father in a victory speech or interview.
He even hid the fact that he had a half-sister. Kim Soo Hyun’s father is known to remarry after leaving him.
Kim Soo Hyun only found out about his half-sister in 2016 through a news story.
His half-sister is named Kim Joo Na. He is a singer who participated in Produce 101. Kim Joo Na confessed that she was Kim Soo Hyun’s brother.
The agency and fans were shocked to hear the news. Finished with the problem, the turn of Kim Soo Hyun’s father’s attitude made fans furious.
Kim Chung Hoon appeared on radio shows to promote his new album and talk about his relationship with his son.
He even said he hadn’t seen his son but planned to eat with Kim Soo Hyun.
Fans feel Kim Soo Hyun’s father shouldn’t be discussing it in public, considering what he’s done to his son.
As a result of Kim Chung Hoon abandoning his children and ex-wife, Kim Soo Hyun and his mother had to go through difficult times.
Kim Soo Hyun has to work odd jobs to provide for himself and his mother.
Kim Soo Hyun’s fans said that the actor’s father was shameless without further ado.
Fans think Kim Soo Hyun’s father is not a part of Kim Soo Hyun’s success.
But over time, Kim Soo Hyun’s relationship with his father improved.
Now Kim Soo Hyun has become an actor with the highest-paid because of his hard work.
Because of the struggles and hardships he went through, Kim Soo Hyun received much support and love from his fans. Kudos to Kim Soo Hyun!



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