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Kim Tae Hee Reveals Deeper Love for Acting in Exclusive ‘Rolling Stone Korea’ Feature.

In a captivating spread gracing the pages of Rolling Stone Korea’s August issue, acclaimed actress Kim Tae Hee bares her soul and artistic essence like never before. The stunning pictorial, released on August 16 KST, showcases the starlet in an array of bold black and red ensembles, capturing a side of her that diverges from her customary persona, leaving fans intrigued and enthralled.

Beyond the visually striking visuals, the feature is accompanied by an insightful interview where Kim Tae Hee opens up about her latest endeavor. Genie TV’s original drama, ‘Lies Hidden in my Garden’, saw her embody the character ‘Moon Joo Ran’, a portrayal that delves into the complexities of expressing emotions and opinions. The actress unreservedly shares her journey with authenticity, stating, “Just like my character, I too have learned the art of self-expression, evolving from a place of cautiousness to one of openness and adaptability.”

With a career spanning over two decades, encompassing an impressive 22 projects, Kim Tae Hee attributes her enduring success and growth to the unwavering support of her devoted fans. “Witnessing my fans derive joy from my work is immeasurably fulfilling. This sense of accomplishment only deepens over time,” she affirms.

Reflecting on her trajectory, she illuminates her evolving relationship with her craft, asserting, “The thrill of the on-set experience is invigorating. My affection for acting has grown immensely. Continuously exploring diverse roles and characters ensures that the passion never wanes. Each fresh project brings a renewed exhilaration and a delightful sense of anticipation, enriching my connection with this profession.”

As Kim Tae Hee graces the pages of Rolling Stone Korea with her enchanting presence and candid insights, it becomes evident that her love affair with acting is a boundless journey of self-discovery and artistic fulfillment.

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