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Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung Star in Netflix’s Debut Korean Animated Film, ‘Lost in Starlight’!

In a captivating convergence of talent and technology, the silver screen is about to witness a celestial symphony like never before. Renowned actors Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung have been tapped to lend their voices to the forthcoming animated masterpiece, “Lost in Starlight.” As the inaugural Korean animated film from Netflix, this cinematic gem promises to tug at heartstrings while traversing the cosmos.

Crafted under the deft guidance of Climax Studio, the creative minds behind the spellbinding “Hellbound” and the riveting “D.P.” series, “Lost in Starlight” embarks on an odyssey that melds love and longing across light-years. The narrative orbits around the enigmatic bond between two souls, astronaut Nan Young and musician Jay, ingeniously voiced by Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung, respectively.

A luminary in her own right, Kim Tae Ri boldly embraces the realm of voice acting for the very first time, breathing life into the resolute character of Nan Young. A beacon of hope in the cosmic expanse, Nan Young is a trailblazing astronaut, handpicked for the monumental Mars exploration project set in the year 2050. Her mission is driven by an unwavering determination to unveil the mysteries that shroud her scientist mother’s untimely voyage into the stars.

Counterbalancing this stellar journey is Hong Kyung’s portrayal of Jay, a melodious muse whose heart finds resonance in Nan Young’s orbit. Their destinies serendipitously collide, setting in motion a cosmic dance that transcends time and space. Bound by a relic from the past—a turntable that once spun melodies of another era—Jay and Nan Young’s entwined fate takes center stage.

Stepping beyond the terrestrial, Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung’s dynamic chemistry, previously illuminated in the haunting drama “Revenant,” promises to kindle an incandescent romance that straddles the celestial bodies of Earth and Mars. As the animated tapestry unfurls, viewers are poised to experience a love that traverses galaxies, fusing the eloquence of two powerful performances with the enchantment of the cosmos.

“Lost in Starlight” isn’t just a film; it’s a cosmic rendezvous, an interstellar affair, and a testament to the boundless power of love’s gravity. Prepare to embark on a journey of emotion and exploration, where the stars themselves bear witness to a love story that defies the constraints of time and distance. With Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung steering the ship, “Lost in Starlight” is primed to be an animated opus that leaves an indelible mark on both hearts and screens alike.

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