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Song Joong Ki successfully plays Vincenzo, Kim Tae Ri’s main opponent calls his character excessive.

Song Joong Ki was considered successful in playing the character Vincenzo in 2020. Opposing Jeon Yeo Bin and Ok Taecyeon, Song Joong Ki was widely praised for acting as a mafia in the drama with the crime comedy genre. However, instead of being proud of his achievements, Kim Tae Ri’s co-star even called his character Vincenzo something excessive. This was revealed when Song Joong Ki conducted an interview with the YouTube channel historydnc on June 25, 2021. At that time, Song Joong Ki was asked to compare several characters he had played from the days of A Werewolf Boy to Vincenzo, based on questions that the production team had prepared.
When asked which character is the most wealthy, Song Joong Ki was confused between choosing Young Lee Do or Vincenzo. After debating with himself, Song Joong Ki finally chose Vincenzo. “He (Vincenzo) has gold reserves of more than 1 ton,” said Song Jong Ki to the production team, which was immediately greeted with laughter.
Likewise, when he had to answer which character was the best at fighting, Song Hye Kyo’s ex-husband answered Vincenzo. “So besides being rich, he’s also a whiz?” asked the production team.
“I don’t know,” replied Song Joong Ki, “I think Park Jae Bum makes the character less realistic and a bit redundant.”
Song Joong Ki also explained the level of proficiency between Vincenzo and Yo Si Jin in the Korean drama Descendants of the Sun.
“Yo Si Jin is good at fighting, but he is a soldier who is bound by ethics. While Vincenzo acts as he pleases,” said Song Joong Ki.
But when asked who his favorite character was, had many friends, and was good at drama, Vincenzo slipped to the middle position without an exact ranking being stated.
When asked about which character is the filthiest and never takes a shower, Song Joong Ki chose Tae Ho without hesitation, while Vincenzo was at the bottom. However, indirectly Song Joong Ki chose Vincenzo as the cleanest character.
Vincenzo became a phenomenon because it raised the mafia world in a slightly comedic version.
Thanks to the role and name, some viewers who have just watched Song Joong Ki’s acting often call himself Vincenzo.



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