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Kim Woo Bin Called Ideal Husband, Shin Min Ah’s Boyfriend Even Praises Another Our Blues Actress.

Kim Woo Bin is one of the Korean actors known as Shin Min Ah’s lover, whose name has skyrocketed again after six years of hiatus.
Kim Woo Bin was previously hit by starring in a row of famous Korean dramas such as School 2013 to The Heirs.
Kim Woo Bin’s name also skyrocketed and rose to fame; unfortunately, amid his fame, he was sentenced to nasopharyngeal cancer. Kim Woo Bin was finally on hiatus for six years and focused on his health. Now Kim Woo Bin is free from nasopharyngeal cancer and is back to being active in the entertainment world.
Kim Woo Bin also skyrocketed in the ranks of famous Korean artists again after starring in Our Blues. Recently, Kim Woo Bin promoted his latest film, Alienoid, starring Kim Tae Ri, Ryu Jun Yeol, So Ji Sub and others.
Kim Woo Bin was also briefly mentioned about his comeback, which immediately reaped praise from netizens.
Kim Woo Bin was also grateful for what he got after playing in the Korean drama. “The Korean drama Our Blues is loved by many people. I wish I could think of something better than just saying ‘thank you’. ‘Thank you’ is the biggest expression I can think of. I’m sorry for not being able to express my feelings more, but I’m grateful,” said Kim Woo Bin.
Shin Min Ah’s boyfriend also said he was pleased because he brought a new role as the protagonist, far from the previous Korean dramas that played antagonists several times. Moreover, the figure of Kim Woo Bin plays a man who loves a woman and her sister who has Down syndrome. “I’m happy to be able to show feelings that are different from what was shown before. Thank you for welcoming this new face. That time remains a good memory because I was with good people on set,” added Kim Woo Bin.
Kim Woo Bin is also grateful that his comeback in Our Blues made many people like his work. “I am grateful that you like it. I have also never been able to monitor acting comfortably because every time I monitor, I realize that there are still many shortcomings. If I get a chance to do it again, I can do better,” he continued. The figure of Park Jeong Jun, who he played, was called the ideal husband. He also thanked the character of Han Ji Min’s brother, played by Jung Eun Hye. Jung Eun Hye herself is a Korean artist and actress with Down syndrome in the drama Our Blues.
“I also contacted her yesterday, I’m always careful talking about Eun Hye. We are all always excited for the first shoot with her. We are all ready to help her film well, and I’m very grateful that she did it,” said Kim Woo Bin. Kim Woo Bin also praised Jung Eun Hye all-out in the Press Conference.
“Because he was playing Young Hee in front of me, Jeong Jun was able to attend. The time I spent with Eun Hye was healing. He is sincere and good at expressing emotions, he even thinks about many things and gives me a lot of happiness,” concluded Shin’s lover. Min Ah, this. Shin Min Ah, Kim Woo Bin’s lover himself, is also a project in the Korean drama Our Blues. However, Shin Min Ah is paired with Lee Byung Hun as her first love.
Instead of praising Shin Min Ah, Kim Woo Bin called Jung Eun Hye the figure, which made him the ideal husband figure in the drama character Our Blues.



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