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Not only handsome, Kim Woo Bin is proven to be a true and loyal man because of his attitude towards Kim Tae Ri

Recently, Kim Woo Bin attended a showcase event for his latest film, Alienoid.
The event, held at Megabox COEX, Gangnam Seoul, attracted a lot of attention from netizens.
The reason is that many famous stars enlivened the Alenoid film showcase event.
Not only Kim Woo Bin but there is also Kim Tae Ri, Ryu Jun Yeol to So Ji Sub.
All of the above artists took roles in the film Alienoid which was worked on by the famous director Choi Dong Hoon.
Quoting Asianwiki, Alienoid is a science fiction genre film.
This film tells the story of an open door that brings together a sword at the end of the Goryeo Dynasty and several people chasing alien prisoners in human bodies in 2022.
During the showcase, the cast and director shared more details about the film Alenoid and the filming process.
After the show was streamlined, director Choi Dong Hoon and the cast continued to have a photo sessions together.
The players line up and pose, embracing each other to show the family atmosphere between them.
However, there is something that is enough to attract the attention of netizens and fans.
Kim Woo Bin’s right hand was seen embracing Ryu Jun Yeol, showing their closeness.
Usually, other artists will take the same pose on their right and left, but this is different with Kim Woo Bin.
On the left of Kim Woo Bin is the top Korean actress, Kim Tae Ri.
Kim Woo Bin did not embrace Kim Tae Ri in the photo session.
Instead of embracing, Kim Woo Bin put his hand on the back of director Choi Dong Hoon who was to the left of Kim Tae Ri.
This shows that Kim Woo Bin maintains unnecessary skinship with his female co-stars.
Until the end, Kim Woo Bin didn’t touch Kim Tae Ri directly.
However, Kim Woo Bin still cares about Kim Tae Ri.
He was caught taking Kim Tae Ri’s drinking bottle, which was located on the ground and was difficult for the actress to reach.
Kim Woo Bin’s attitude was also praised as a real man who respects his female co-stars.
He is also very loyal to his girlfriend Shin Min Ah because he always limits skinship with his co-stars.
The Alienoid film itself will be officially released on July 20, 2022



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