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Kim Yoo Jung & Song Kang’s highly anticipated drama, “My Demon” has officially confirmed its premiere date.

Fans can mark their calendars for November 24 when the show is set to air on SBS, with subsequent episodes scheduled for every Friday and Saturday.

“My Demon” is a fantasy romantic comedy that revolves around the enigmatic chaebol heiress, Do Do Hee (portrayed by Kim Yoo Jung), who exhibits demon-like qualities, and the character Jung Gu Won (played by Song Kang), a demon who unexpectedly loses his powers. Their paths converge in a contractual marriage, setting the stage for an intriguing storyline.

Kim Yoo Jung takes on the role of Do Do Hee, the heiress of the Mirae Group, a character who harbors deep distrust for others but unexpectedly finds herself falling in love with a demon. Despite her outsider status within the Mirae Group, Do Do Hee has learned to navigate the complexities of the world and has grown cold and cynical toward matters of the heart. Enter Jung Gu Won, the demon with whom she strikes a contract, leading to an unexpected transformation. Surrounded by adversaries, viewers are left wondering if the demon who enters her life will be her savior, as “Gu Won” also translates to “savior” in Korean, or if he’ll bring destruction.

In anticipation of her role, Kim Yoo Jung expressed her excitement, saying, “It’s a project with a captivating character and story that piqued my interest. I’m enjoying filming with a fluttering heart because I believe I’ll be able to reveal a new side of me that hasn’t been seen before. Please spend the end of 2023 with ‘My Demon.'”

Song Kang takes on the role of Jung Gu Won, an impeccably perfect and irresistibly charming demon. Gu Won has spent an eternity striking perilous yet sweet deals with humans whose lives are akin to living in hell, with their souls as collateral. He’s reigned for two centuries while regarding humans as insignificant, but his powers diminish when he becomes entangled with the mysterious Do Do Hee. To avoid fading into obscurity, Gu Won is compelled to protect Do Do Hee, who has unwittingly stripped him of his abilities.

Song Kang shared his thoughts on the character, saying, “I’m thrilled to be a part of ‘My Demon.’ Please show your keen interest and anticipation as we put in our best efforts to create a remarkable project that lives up to expectations.”

SBS’s brand-new Friday-Saturday drama, “My Demon,” is set to debut on November 24 at 10 p.m. KST. Stay tuned for further updates on this captivating series!

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