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Known as a Korean screen beauty icon, it turns out that Son Ye Jin has an ugly and funny expression.

Ever since the news of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s marriage emerged, fans seem to be looking for information related to them endlessly.
Son Ye Jin is known as one of the senior Korean actresses who has a myriad of talents and extraordinary beauty.
Maybe most of the viewers would agree that she is called one of the beauty icons of the Korean screen.
Having a beautiful face, it is not surprising that many people are amazed to see the beauty of this 40-year-old woman who always looks young and natural.
As in ‘Thirty Nine’ or ‘Crash Landing on You’, this actress has repeatedly amazed netizens because of her elegant beauty when playing a rich woman.
However, who would have thought that Hyun Bin’s wife had transformed into an ‘ugly duck’ when she starred in a romantic comedy Korean drama.
Son Ye Jin once transformed into ‘the ugly duckling’ in the drama Personal Taste’ (2010), starring Lee Min Ho.
In the drama ‘Personal Taste’ (2010), Son Ye Jin plays female designer Park Gae In, a girl who is optimistic, kind but clumsy, messy, and geeky.
This role is Son Ye Jin’s most ‘funny’ and ‘ugly’ image in her career.
But in the drama, the audience can see how impressive the acting skills of the 1982 star born are.
Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin is currently on her honeymoon in Los Angeles, United States, after marrying her husband, Hyun Bin.
After the honeymoon, Hyun Bin will participate in the film Harbin, starring Jeon Yeo Been.
Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin also received an invitation to participate in ‘A Tree dies Standing’.
However, Son Ye Jin reportedly turned down the invitation because she wanted to spend more time with her family and enjoy her newlywed life.



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