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Korean Media Compares Lee Joon Gi and Song Joong Ki’s Acting in ‘Arthdal Chronicles’.

In the highly anticipated second season of “Arthdal Chronicles,” titled “Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun,” which premieres tonight (9/9), Korean media is drawing comparisons between Lee Joon Gi and Song Joong Ki’s performances as Eun Seom and Sa Ya, respectively.

Both Joong Ki and Joon Gi have portrayed these characters in the first season of “Arthdal Chronicles.” However, in this second season, Joon Gi takes over the role. The story continues eight years after the events of the first season.

Joong Ki portrayed Eun Seom as a naive character with a singular goal of saving Tan Ya (played by Kim Ji Won) and the Wahan tribe. Along the way, he faces various challenges and witnesses the greed of others.

In Season 1, Eun Seom, portrayed by Joong Ki, advocates for unity among the Ago tribe. After a trial at the waterfall, he is recognized as the reincarnation of Inaishingi, destined to restore the glory of the Ago tribe.

However, eight years later, Joon Gi’s portrayal of Eun Seom is drastically different. As the recognized hero of the Ago tribe, he expands his influence by uniting thirty previously divided Ago tribes.

Joon Gi’s Eun Seom has become a skilled swordsman, able to confront tribal leaders with confidence and intensity, a stark contrast to his earlier portrayal by Joong Ki.

These differences in Eun Seom’s character have created a distinct contrast in the acting styles of Joon Gi and Joong Ki. Korean media speculates that Joon Gi might completely redefine the audience’s perception of the character previously played by Joong Ki.

As viewers eagerly await the new season, they can anticipate a fresh dynamic with Shin Se Kyung taking over the role of Tan Yae, Jang Dong Gun continuing as Ta Gon, and Kim Ok Bin reprising her role as Tae Alha. Don’t miss out on this exciting series!

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