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Korean Rolling Stone Choose Love for Lisa and Jisoo BLACKPINK, Jennie Becomes the Golden Child?

About a month ago, BLACKPINK fans praised Rolling Stone for conducting an exclusive interview with BLACKPINK.
BLACKPINK also did a photo shoot for Rolling Stone magazine.
But recently, Rolling Stone Korea received the anger of BLACKPINK fans. Rolling Stone Korea doesn’t seem to respect BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Jisoo. Launching from on July 16, 2022, Rolling Stone Korea was criticized for indirectly ignoring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo talent.
They used disrespectful words toward Lisa. When the article was posted, BLINKs were outraged by how Jisoo was portrayed in the report. The piece states that she doesn’t have as much talent as the other members.
The article reads, “Although she (Jisoo) doesn’t have the most outstanding talent in the group as a vocalist or dancer, his growth is much more obvious.” Later in the article, it also explains Lisa. Instead of focusing on his talent, the words in the paragraph centre on ethnicity.
The sentence in the article reads, “Lisa’s unique presence, created by her extraordinary physical charm and exotic appearance…” Unlike the fate of Lisa and Jisoo, Jennie got beautiful words.
Launching, a Rolling Stone reporter shared his experience working with BLACKPINK’s Jennie. The reporter seemed to want to tell the public more about this female idol.
Jennie is often said to have a cold image and a “bored expression”.
Jennie is said to look like an “ice princess” on stage. Most fans adopted the “ice princess” nickname to describe Jennie’s elegance. As for anti-fans, the handle shows that Jennie is a rude and lacklustre idol.
In response to the use of the nickname, Haeryun Kang, a reporter for Rolling Stone, is determined to prove the anti-fan notion wrong. “The most interesting discovery about Jennie! She’s so cute! She told me in detail about the time she went to study in New Zealand.” “She also addressed the wrong perception that the media and netizens had of her, she really wasn’t that cold,” the reporter wrote on Instagram.
According to the reporter’s words, Jennie’s personality is quite shy. Yet she never fails to liven up the atmosphere on various occasions. In addition to Harun Kang’s Instagram post, the column published in Rolling Stone Korea also positively commented on Jennie.
The post described Jennie as “the most important member”. This is in stark contrast to Rolling Stone’s attitude towards Jisoo and Lisa.
The quote about Jennie from the Rolling Stone column became controversial.
“Among all the members, it’s Jennie’s status, which has the biggest influence on the group’s strong image and courageous attitude.”
“Jennie is a symbol of the success of K-Pop and the luxury that comes with it. Failure has had no place in her career since her debut.”
“She has always been the center of attention and first gained attention through his solo album.” “Jennie is certainly the most important member who forms the core identity of the group, portraying an urban, cool sound, and a glamorous and luxurious image.”
BLACKPINK fans want the four members’ hard work to be rewarded without exception because BLACKPINK’s success did not escape the talent and hard work of Jisoo, Lisa, Rose and Jennie. What do you think?



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