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Kris Wu cries to be sentenced to death, it turns out that it was his own mother who led the ex-EXO to prison.

Former EXO member Kris Wu was thrown into prison after allegedly raping and sexually assaulting dozens of girls.
This case came to the fore after a 19-year-old beauty blogger and student, Du Meizhu, reported that Kris Wu had harassed her.
Then in August 2021, the former EXO member was arrested and immediately thrown into bars.
This case immediately destroyed Kris Wu’s career as a public figure.
Even his name and image got worse after he reportedly harassed dozens of girls, and some were even underage as well as 12 years old.
But it turns out that a new rumor has surfaced again, as reported by KBIZoom, not Du Meizhu, who got Kris Wu arrested by the police.
A blogger with 4.5 million followers named “So It’s Hot Then” revealed the truth about this scandal.
As it turns out, the natural source started from Kris Wu’s fans.
Initially, in May 2021, a photo of Kris Wu with a girl in the cinema was revealed to the public.
Then there were Kris Wu’s jealous fans, so he posted these photos on social media networks.
After seeing the news spread in the newspapers, Du Meidzu, a lover, knew that Kris Wu had an affair.
Therefore, Du Meizhu exposed the Kris Wu scandal on Weibo.
After Du Meizhu’s statement on Weibo, no one expected that Kris Wu’s victims would also speak up.
Knowing that her son became a hot topic on social media, Stacey Wu, Kris Wu’s mother, went to the police station to report the matter.
However, it turned out that the police also checked Kris Wu after the report from his mother came in. And finally, the scandal of the singer, whose real name was Wu Yi Fan, was revealed.
The Beijing police confirmed that they only received a report from Ms. Kris Wu, and Du Meizhu did not file a complaint.
This proves that it was the mother who pushed Kris Wu into prison.
Currently, Kris Wu is still on trial, waiting for the punishment he deserves.
Kpopstarz reported that Kris Wu could face a prison sentence of three to 10 years.
However, if Kris Wu is proven to have harassed an underage girl, then he must face the threat of severe punishment.
After being found guilty of raping a minor, Kris Wu faces the death penalty.
After learning that her son is facing the death penalty, Kris Wu’s mother is now looking for the best lawyer to save her son.

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