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Kris Wu Threatened with Death Sentence, Insider Leaks How Heavy the Reward Received by Ex EXO

Chinese singer and actor Kris Wu, ex-EXO, was leaked by an insider who was threatened with the death penalty after stumbling into a sexual harassment case.

Kris Wu himself is a former member of EXO, a boy group under SM Entertainment, but decided to leave in 2014.

After that, the man, whose real name is Wu Yi Fan, became a singer, actor, model, producer in China.
However, his career suddenly collapsed overnight after reportedly harassing a 19-year-old beauty blogger and student named Du Meizhu.
On August 16, Kris Wu was arrested and immediately thrown into prison.

It turned out that the former EXO member was reportedly harassing not only Du Meizhu, but dozens of girls, and some of them were reportedly underage.
Although he is still waiting for his first trial, Kris Wu, ex-EXO, is threatened with a severe sentence.
Launching from KpopStarz, this was conveyed by an entertainment industry insider who consulted with lawyers in China.

That a person on a charge of sexual assault or harassment can be jailed for three years to 10 years.
However, it is different when the perpetrator sexually abuses a minor because the punishment is more severe.
Because there are precedents or similar cases before and views from the public, Kris Wu is threatened with the death penalty after being found guilty of raping minors.

However, it is not yet known when the first trial determines what and how Kris Wu will be sentenced.

If Kris Wu, ex-EXO, actually gets a light sentence, he certainly won’t be able to live in peace.
Apart from having his career destroyed, he has also officially been included in the blocklist of artists the Chinese government directly blocked.

This punishment makes Kris Wu not allowed to stream by the Chinese government because it has given a negative image to the public.

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