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Lee Byung Hun, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jun Ki-Is the return of the 3 big stars as expected?

Two years after Flower of Evil, Lee Jun Ki will return to the small screen with Again My Life. The SBS drama tells the story of a passionate prosecutor with extraordinary abilities who is given a chance to revive and defeat an evil villain. Lee Jun Ki has played revenge-seeking characters many times in Il Ji-Mae and The Lawlessyers, but his character fights for justice, not revenge in Again My Life.
Lee Jun Ki is a talented actor. He impresses with many emotional roles that have been awarded the title of ‘actor you can trust’ by the audience. However, the actor has played similar characters many times, so it’s hard to expect a novel performance from him.
In Again My Life’s press conference, Lee Jun Ki revealed, “I turned down the first offer because I was afraid that I would have similar characters and become a copy of myself. However, I decided to appear in the end because I wanted to find a new side of myself and show it to the audience.” Therefore, the audience can wait for another transformation of the actor.
Lee Byung Hun is also attracting attention when re-appearing in tvN’s new drama, Our Blues. Our Blues is an episodic drama series depicting the life stories of different characters on the warm island of Jeju. Besides Lee Byung Hun, Our Blues also has the presence of “terrible” stars Kim Woo Bin, Shin Min Ah, Han Ji Min…

Lee Byung Hun mainly plays “heavyweight” roles, such as Korean-American military officer Eugene Choi in Mr. Sunshine, so the actor’s role as an ordinary person like truck shop owner Lee Dong Seok surprised many viewers and increased their expectations for Our Blues.
Besides Lee Byung Hun, Our Blues also attracted the audience’s attention with Kim Woo Bin’s comeback after six years of hiatus. In previous works, Kim Woo Bin mainly played similar characters, but he challenged himself as a captain this time.
Recently, actors Son Ye Jin, Park Min Young, and Kim Tae Ri have “rocked” the small screen with movies like Twenty Five, Twenty One, Age 39, or Forecasting Love And Weather. Therefore, the audience has increased their expectations for the comeback of three famous male stars, Lee Byung Hun, Kim Woo Bin, and Lee Jun Ki. Hopefully, their performance in Again My Life and Our Blues will not disappoint the audience.



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