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Lee Do Hyun Sheds Tears and Bows to Fans Ahead of Military Enlistment.

Lee Do Hyun, known for his charming performances in various dramas, held a fan meeting last night, Saturday (August 5th). The event took place both offline and online, allowing him to reach out to a wider range of fans.

In an effort to entertain his fans, Do Hyun prepared various surprises. Despite not being known for his dancing skills, he took on several dance challenges. From the choreography of “Super Shy” by NewJeans to “Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s wife” by LE SSERAFIM and “Super” by SEVENTEEN (II), he gave it his all to make the event special. Additionally, he even performed a medley of Michael Jackson songs.

During the event, the actor couldn’t hold back his tears when he received handwritten letters from fans. Overwhelmed with gratitude for their support, Do Hyun was moved to sobs. He continuously bowed and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the fans.

At the conclusion of the event, Do Hyun sincerely thanked his fans and read a handwritten letter expressing his deep appreciation for them. As a gesture of utmost respect, he humbly bowed down to the floor in a full prostration, a traditional Korean way of showing reverence.

“This is not the end; don’t worry. After my military service, I will do this again with more seats and better preparation. Until then, please wait for me, stay healthy, and most importantly, be happy,” said the actor under Yuehua Entertainment.

“Thank you for making me the actor I am today. I will bid farewell with full respect,” Do Hyun concluded.

Meanwhile, Do Hyun is set to begin his mandatory military service on August 14th. He has chosen to serve in the Air Force, a rare choice among Korean men due to its reputation for being challenging and having a longer service period. Following his enlistment, Do Hyun will join the ranks of Yoo Yeon Seok and Jo In Sung in the ROKAF (Republic of Korea Air Force).

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