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Lee Dong Gun shared a poignant and heart-rending story about his younger brother who tragically passed away 15 years ago.

Actor Lee Dong-gun shared a poignant and heart-rending story about his younger brother, who tragically passed away 15 years ago, in the recent episode of SBS’s ‘My Little Old Boy’. This emotional revelation has brought a new depth to the actor’s public persona, revealing a personal tragedy that deeply affected his life.

In the episode, which aired on the 3rd, Lee Dong-gun was shown visiting a cathedral, a place of solace where he goes to remember his younger brother. Each year, on his brother’s birthday, Lee Dong-gun brings flowers and a card to honor what would have been his 36th birthday. The actor expressed his sorrow and disbelief, saying, “I can’t imagine you becoming an adult when you stopped at the age of 20,” while gazing at his brother’s photograph, a moment that visibly moved not only his mother but also the special guest MC, actress Kim Hae-sook, and everyone present in the studio.

The story unfolded further as Dong-gun’s mother recalled the tragic day 15 years ago. Lee Dong-gun’s brother, then studying in Australia, was the victim of a senseless stabbing by two men, a loss that left the family in shambles. The actor remembered the devastating moment he heard the news, recounting how he had to immediately compose himself to care for his parents, sacrificing his own time to grieve.

The episode took a more somber turn as Dong-gun’s mother shared her most painful memory, the cremation of her son. Lee Dong-gun also recounted the heart-wrenching journey back home, carrying his brother’s urn, and the support he felt grateful for during that difficult time. The audience was captivated, wondering what more the actor endured on that plane ride.

In a revelation that brought tears to many, Lee Dong-gun shared for the first time a poignant last memory with his brother. Despite the age difference, the two shared a deep bond and mutual respect. Lee Dong-gun recalled a miraculous premonition his brother had before the incident, a story that moved both his mother and the studio audience to tears.

The episode of ‘My Little Old Boy’, featuring Lee Dong-gun and the touching story of his younger brother, aired at 9:05 pm on the 3rd. It showcased a different side of the actor, one marked by deep loss and enduring love for a family member gone too soon.

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