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Lee Dong Wook joins Hyun Bin, Jeon Yeo Bin & more in the new film ‘Harbin.’

Through the management company, actor Lee Dong Wook confirmed his participation in the movie “Harbin,” starring Hyun Bin.
Lee Dong Wook’s role in this spy action movie has yet to be announced. According to information released on November 17, the actor will join the cast with co-stars Hyun Bin, Park Jung Min, and Jeon Yeo Bin after completing the second part of the drama “Tale of The Nine Tailed.” Lee Dong Wook confirmed his participation in the film following Jung Woo Sung, making the film noticeable for gathering many talented, handsome men on the Korean screen.
Harbin is scheduled to start filming on November 20 with a large-scale outdoor filming schedule in the Republic of Latvia for about half a month. Park Jung Min and Jeon Yeo Bin will follow the crew to the European country first, while Hyun Bin has yet to confirm the filming schedule because he wants to take care of his wife, Son Ye Jin, when she gives birth her first son in December.
Harbin was set in 1909 and revolved around Korean soldiers wandering in the land of Harbin, China, planning to regain independence for the country from the Japanese empire. The male lead Ahn Jung Geun played by Hyun Bin, is an independent intelligence operative. He is portrayed as lonely and carrying a lot of mental pain. The actor will have many action scenes in the movie.
Hyun Bin was confirmed to take on the lead role in Harbin’s movie at the end of last year. In his acting career, he is very charming with the image of a soldier and a spy. He successfully portrayed the portrait of a North Korean soldier in collaboration with the South Korean police to catch criminals crossing the border in two parts of the movie Confidential Assignment in 2017-2022. In addition, the portrait of the brave soldier in “Crash Landing on You” is his successful role two years ago



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