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Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy’s sisters both have cute bunny teeth.

All fans of Kpop and Korean dramas certainly know that Bae Suzy and Lee Min Ho once dated.
Yes, Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy’s relationship was most robust in 2015 after Dispatch’s togetherness portrait was released.
Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy were even caught at the airport and seen. The artist couple, supported by millions of fans, has been in a relationship for three years.
Bae Suzy and Lee Min Ho officially broke up in November 2017 due to busy schedules. At that time, the star of The Heirs also had to undergo military service or enlistment.
After breaking up five years ago, Bae Suzy and Lee Min Ho’s relationship is still not forgotten by the public.
Some of the similarities related to the possibility of the two of them getting back together were noisy on social media. On Instagram, netizens quickly discovered many unexpected similarities between Lee Min Ho and Suzy’s posts.
Starting from Instagram captions to both having uploaded photos of dogs.
However, there are also exciting things to discuss, namely the similarities between Bae Suzy and Lee Min Ho’s older sister, Lee Yun Jeong. Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy’s sisters both have cute bunny teeth.
As is known, rabbit teeth are a characteristic that is quite identical to the figure of Bae Suzy. Despite the treatment, two large rabbit-like teeth are still visible and add to the beauty of the Start Up drama star. Meanwhile, The Heirs star’s older brother, Lee Min Ho, Lee Yun Jeong, showed his bunny teeth while smiling broadly beside his mother.
Lee Yun Jeong showed off a row of brilliant white teeth with two more giant front teeth.
The beauty of Lee Min Ho’s sister seems no less than her former sister-in-law, Bae Suzy. It is known Lee Min Ho’s brother is a businessman.
Lee Yun Jeong manages two companies, namely Euphoria Seoul and MYM Entertainment.
MYM Entertainment is the agency company under Lee Min Ho currently.



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