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Lee Min Ho and his ex-girlfriend Park Min Young “makeover” after being criticized for their beauty.

Recently, Lee Min Ho attended the launching ceremony of a brand campaign held in Seoul, South Korea. According to observation, he wears a dashing black suit. His outstanding height and handsome face are the points that help Lee Min Ho shine perfectly in the event’s photo series.
Netizens are really surprised about Lee Min Ho’s current physique. After being criticized for his appearance, the guy seems to have had an impressive makeover. Previously, Min Ho appeared with a swollen face and old curly hair. At that time, he was promoting the movie Pachinko. Currently, Lee Min Ho’s appearance is considered very good, different from before.
Meanwhile, Park Min Young – Lee Min Ho’s ex-lover also had a clear change in appearance. When taking on the role in the movie Love Contract, Min Young often reveals a thin face and an alarmingly inert body. She couldn’t even hide the aging on her face and neck.
After exiting the role, Park Min Young quickly regained her balance. She gained weight and looked fresh and full of energy. When attending the event in Taiwan, the actress, born in 1986, received many compliments from the public for her slim body and youthful appearance.
Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young fell in love when they co-starred in the 2011 City Hunter project. They had a sweet time, but the love between the two did not last long. After breaking up with Park Min Young, Lee Min Ho had a date with Suzy. His love story with “National First Love” thought it had a beautiful ending, but it soon ended. Since then, Min Ho has remained single.
As for Park Min Young, she was recently exposed to the scandalous virtual currency giant. To avoid affecting his name and career, Min Young quickly announced his farewell to this giant. However, the incident still has little impact on the image of this beauty.



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