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Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun are good at kissing, but are they Korean actresses’ fugitive husbands?

Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun turned out to be marked by the husband of a Korean artist because of a big kiss on a drama project. Jun Ji Hyun’s husband was nagging to see his wife being intimate with Kim Soo Hyun. As professional artists, Kim So Yeon, Eugene, and Jun Ji Hyun still have to do various romantic scenes with their co-stars in the drama. However, not a few husbands of these actresses feel the heat of jealousy.
The following is the reaction of the husbands of famous Korean actresses when they witness their wives’ romantic scenes with other actors.
1. Kim So Yeon.
In the Korean drama ‘Penthouse,’ the character played by Kim So Yeon turns out to have 2 husbands.
He even shared many intimate moments with his 2 co-stars, from kisses to bed scenes.
So it is impossible for the reaction of Kim So Yeon’s husband, actor Lee Sang Woo, to make many netizens curious.
Lee Sang Woo admits that at first, he might not be jealous because he is also an actor and understands that this is just a job requirement. But in the end, he still couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable, so he often avoided watching his wife’s love scenes.
When he felt irritated or a little angry, Lee Sang Woo would have a beer.
2. Eugene.
Another ‘Penthouse’ drama star, Eugene, revealed that he and his husband had never watched the drama together.
“We’ve never watched a drama together. I think he (his husband, Ki Tae Young) watched it alone,” said Eugene.
“I understand because we are both actors, but I think he saw the article written about ‘Oh Yoon Hee’s naughty hand (Eugene’s character)’…”
“The article said I touched Ki Joon’s ass while kissing him. So my husband asked me, what is a naughty hand?” he continued.
Previously, when the two were dating, Ki Tae Young was jealous when Eugene greeted another man with a hug.
3. Jun Ji Hyun.
After taking on many roles through romantic dramas and films, Jun Ji Hyun also has the same problem with her husband.
While attending a TV show, Jun Ji Hyun revealed that she understood her husband’s reaction, who is a CEO, when he saw his kiss scene.
She said that her husband didn’t like it when he kissed Kim Soo Hyun in the drama ‘My Love From the Star.’
“My kiss scene with Kim Soo Hyun looks perfect, but my husband doesn’t like it,” said Jun Ji Hyun.
“If I were him, I wouldn’t like him either,” he continued.
4. Kim Hee Sun.
Kim Hee Sun once revealed that her husband stopped watching dramas when she acted with Lee Min Ho in ‘Faith.’
The husband does not like to see his wife doing intimate scenes with other men.
Her husband said he had difficulty accepting that his wife hugged and kissed another man on screen.
“I didn’t allow it. I thought it would make me feel bad,” said Kim Hee Sun’s husband.



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